Available for production, engineering, mixing and mastering.

Keelan is a music producer and audio engineer based in Brisbane, Australia. Working at recording studios full-time and freelance since 2017, he was also an in-house engineer at Bedlam Records.


Beddy Rays | Walken | William Barton & Véronique Serret | Garage Sale | The Bluebottles | Syrup, Go On | We All Want To |

Majestic Horses | Blue Savannah Underworld | Glasshouse | Electric Zebra | Hot Reno | Honeygum | Loiter | The Redundants | Daisy Brains | Die For Mushies | Astoria Paranoia | A Cult Wild | Raa | Mouse | Worry Weather | Tom Briese | Couch Surfers | Konnectd | Sunday Sesh


"He's got a great attention to detail and can really help push you to get your best performance when tracking. He has great ears when it comes to structural ideas, production techniques, and mixing references. He also helps create a friendly, relaxed studio environment."


- Matt Cochran (Walken)

Selected Work

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