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Keelan is a producer, mix engineer and local musician based in Brisbane, Australia.

With a healthy obsession for music, his strength lies in a keen ear and a belief that whatever sounds best, is best. He's always keen to help get your songs sounding the way you imagined them (or better), whether recording live, multi-tracking, or thinking outside-the-box.



Electric Zebra | Walken | Beddy Rays | Tim Steward | We All Want To | Kellie Lloyd | Majestic Horses | Garage Sale | Glasshouse | Hot Reno | Honeygum | Loiter | The Redundants | Daisy Brains | Die For Mushies | Astoria Paranoia | Acultwild | Raa

Starting out as an assistant engineer on projects recorded at The Shed and Blackbox Recording Studios, followed by a year as in-house engineer at Bedlam Records, Keelan is a freelance engineer available for production, engineering, mixing and mastering.

“Keelan works fast, which I love. He’s open to anything and pays super-close attention to the vibe in the room as well as what’s getting recorded. He barely takes a break, and really makes you feel part of the whole process."


- Tim Steward (Screamfeeder, We All Want To)

Selected Discography

P = Producer

M = Mixing

E = Engineering
Ma = Mastering

A few highlights

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