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I'm a music producer and audio engineer, based in NAARM (MELBOURNE), Australia.

I'm available for production, engineering, mixing, and mastering.

I also write my own music under the name Worry Weather.

I work with artists across all genres and styles, including;


Engineered William Barton & Veronique Serret's ARIA nominated didgeridoo fusion album "Heartland", released via ABC Classics.

Produced + mixed "Kicked", the punk rock anthem by ARIA nominees Beddy Rays.


 Co-engineered "Bunny Mode", the debut cinematic pop album by Triple J Award winning artist Jaguar Jonze.


Engineered original music for the ABC short film "Viv's Silly Mango".

Mixed "Away From the Sun" by Majestic Horses and "On the Dots" by We All Want To for digital and vinyl formats.


William Barton & Véronique Serret. Jaguar Jonze. Beddy Rays. Full Flower Moon Band. Screamfeeder. Garage Sale. SGO. We All Want To. Majestic Horses. Worry Weather. Aji. The Bluebottles. Blue Savannah Underworld. Harley Meszaros. Walken. Glasshouse. Electric Zebra. Hot Reno. Honeygum. Zooid. Julia Bates. Tien Cortez. Candice Long. Loiter. The Redundants. Daisy Brains. Die For Mushies. Astoria Paranoia. A Cult Wild. Raa. Mouse. Bare Beets. Couch Surfers. Sunday Sesh. Sportstarz. Simon andrews. Viv's Silly Mango.

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